theodore hanna
“We are images, dreams, photographs, we must not stay here! Listeners we must break the illusion!”
theodore hanna
One of the ladies who works here has a nasty tone. #artruined (at Metro Pictures Gallery)

ph. Julia Hetta

Women (1985)


dominique petrin
a typical job interview 

Luigi Serafini
We live in precious times. A lot of darkness is coming to light for us to look at and become conscious of. The brutal attacks on Gaza, where people are trapped with no way out, ask us to listen to our conscience and empathy and act on it. You have to be willfully ignorant, numb, disassociated, or without conscience to ignore it and not be effected by it. Listen to your conscience as an aware human being and make a stand for truth, love, and justice. More is at stake here, not just the lives of Palestinians. It affects all of us in ways most of us are not aware of. This is a huge opportunity to take down the Zionist grip on the world, not just regarding Palestine. I encourage everyone to do your best to spread awareness about the truth of what is really going on via social media. This is the least we can do right now. As I wrote many times before, educate yourself about the true history of Zionism and this conflict as well as about psychopathy and political ponerology and then do your best to educate others and speak out about it. Don’t be afraid to speak out or worry about what others think of you. You may get attacked, shamed, and ridiculed, but this is nothing compared to what the Palestinians are dealing with right now and have for the past 50+ years. Do keep that in mind. Let your conscience be your guide, not fear, or misplaced political or spiritual “correctness”. This IS about choosing sides and not standing on the side lines or on the fence. The more people speak out and act on their conscience the better for all of us. Many people still seem to be reluctant to speak up and are afraid that it may affect their image/social status, career, bank account and anything else they’re invested in (Peer pressure, what will my friends, neighbors, co-workers think?, etc.), hence, they rather defend/ignore the lies, atrocities, and the lies they tell themselves in order to self-calm (bypassing), consciously or unconsciously. To those I ask: What is your life, career and image really worth if you can’t even speak the truth or be yourself? What will you tell your children when they ask you what side of history were you on and what did you do and stand for?

Christian Kettiger 

Oyster Beauty Daily shot by Gadir Rajab. Hair by Abbiss Hair.
Hair: KMS California Hair Play Design wax and Hair Stay Styling gelMark wears House of Cards t-shirt